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    Sustainability can be a company’s core business – as it is at REMONDIS

  • Achieving greater sustainability is an international task. However, many things are different in Luxembourg compared to the rest of the EU. Its dynamic growth in population, for example, or the country’s particular focus on the financial sector. Which is why it is taking a different route as far as sustainable development is concerned – a route that we are supporting in every way possible.

  • REMONDIS Luxembourg is one of the partners involved in SuperDrecksKëscht®, an initiative launched by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure

  • No matter whether it involves curbing climate change or handling land and resources responsibly: our comprehensive portfolio is helping Luxembourg to achieve its national sustainable development plan and 2030 agenda goals. Besides our wide range of services, our success can also be put down to being part of the REMONDIS Group. It gives us – and consequently our customers in Luxembourg – access to the expertise and experience of one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water companies.

REMONDIS Luxembourg S.à r.l. – professional solutions for hazardous and recyclable waste

    • Recycling starts at the place the waste is actually generated. Our container services enable the material to be separated and stored – and consequently recycled – in the best possible way

    • REMONDIS Luxembourg specialises in delivering professional hazardous waste and recycling services to industrial and commercial firms. No matter what the task, its focus is always on conserving resources and curbing climate change. To achieve this goal, we recover a whole range of substances and return these to the production cycle as raw materials – either for reuse or as a source of energy.

    There are some types of hazardous waste, however, where this is not possible. In such cases, REMONDIS Luxembourg ensures the material is disposed of safely using environmentally compatible processes. We support our industrial and commercial customers by offering them a whole range of on-site services – from carrying out individual tasks, to taking over all aspects of their in-house waste management systems. One of the company’s particular strengths is its industry-specific solutions, which deliver a variety of services that meet the exact requirements of each individual sector. REMONDIS Luxembourg has been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation and is one of the leading companies in the industrial waste sector.

Remediation services – an efficient way to reclaim land

    • By offering smart land remediation systems, we help protect the environment and promote sustainable land use

    • The number of people living in Luxembourg is growing all the time. Urban areas are expanding, new industrial and commercial areas are being created. This structural change is having an impact on land consumption – a development that this small country is tackling in a number of different ways. REMONDIS Luxembourg is playing a major role here. Being a land remediation specialist, we are able to take the contaminated earth and ensure it is sent for professional treatment.

    Brownfield areas can be used again and existing areas can continue to be used. Besides providing specialist advice and bespoke remediation programmes, we are also able to offer solutions that include logistics, transport, organisation and recycling – all, of course, in line with all the relevant rules and regulations.

Data destruction – the highest levels of security and data protection

    • Innovations are constantly being added to our portfolio, such as our mobile service enabling us to destroy files on site at our customers

    • The financial sector is an important sector in Luxembourg. Discretion and data protection, however, are just as important in all other industries as well. REMONDIS Luxembourg has comprehensive expertise and experience of handling files, papers and documents that are no longer needed. It makes no difference whether it involves hard copies or electronic data storage devices. We collect the materials and ensure that the content is safely and securely destroyed.

    The service and logistics systems we use guarantee the highest levels of protection and security and meet all data protection laws. One particular advantage: paper documents can be recycled once their contents have been destroyed.

REMONDIS Luxembourg S.à r.l. – your strong partner

At home in the Luxembourg, at home all around the world

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